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Welcome to The library space is changing considerably in these years. Focus is more and more on the user, on the library as an exiting place and less on the collection. Libraries tend to play a more central role in city planning and city design than before. To support this development we need quick access to what is new for inspiration and decision on new concepts. Read more

Latest libraries

Phase 1+2: Dipl.-Ing. Menzel, City of Garbsen; phases 1-5: Dipl.-Ing. Warns, Neustädter Bauplanung (Neustadt/Rbge); phases 5-9: Dipl.-Ing. Berle, City of GarbsenGermany

Garbsen is a city of innovation, an ideal venue for all kinds of businesses. Among others, the city is home to companies specialising in... Read more

Ratio arkitekter ASNorway

Nesodden library is situated in the new community centre at Nesodden called "Tangenten". The library was officially opened May 15th 2012. Other... Read more

ff-Architekten, Katharina Feldhusen and Ralf Fleckenstein with Martina WronnaGermany

The disused railway building in Luckenwalde has been renovated to house the public city library. The project includes the addition of a new... Read more

Schrammel Architekten, Dr. Ing. Stefan SchrammelGermany

Using a contemporary architectural language the New Augsburg Municipal Library synthesizes the elements of glass, transparency and perspective as... Read more

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